No, it's freaking delicious!! It tastes like if truffle and sriracha had a baby.

- The OG and White Truffle limited release are mild/medium heat hot sauces sitting at around 2500-3000 SHU.

- TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce is about 2-3x the heat level of the original formula. About 5000-7000 SHU to be exact.

- The Arrabbiata Sauce delivers a gentle kick of heat instead of dropping a full-on spice bomb. You’ll feel enough heat on the finish of each bite to know that it’s there, but the focus is really on flavour.

- The Spicy Mayo has a mild kick and is sure not to overpower the flavour of your meal.

- Our Pomodoro Sauce, TRUFF Mayo, and Black Truffle Oil have no heat at all.

Our hot sauce, pasta sauce, and truffle oil are both gluten-free and vegan.

Our mayo is gluten-free.

We sourced the finest ingredients to change the way you think about mayo. That’s why both of our mayos are made with organic eggs, 100% sunflower oil, and plenty of black winter truffles.

Yes. Please make sure to refrigerate our hot sauce, mayo, and pasta sauce after opening. Our truffle oil and salt do not need to be refrigerated.

Yes, each bottle or jar comes in its own box - perfect for a gift!

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